Stand Strong

Let Not Cowards Guide You out of Fear Never bow to Evil for it Shall Destroy You Stand up to Tyranny, Face it Head on, Let Not Ye Cower Fight for your Values, Morals, Righteousness and May Justice Prevail Deliver Truth Always Your freedom is Worth more than Gold and Diamonds, it is NOT for […]

Icheon Ceramic Art the Masters at Work

The local Korean village of Icheon have practiced the tradition of ceramic art which has a history expanding over 5000 thousand years, the masters of this traditional ceramic artistry make it look so effortless. Watching these Korean masters at work, one can’t help but imagine how many hours are involved in perfecting this technique to create such […]

Intriguing Read

Leonardo The Artist and The Man written by Serge Bramly, an extraordinary piece of writing, informative and extensive.   A great read for those interested in the detailed life of Leonardo Da Vinci and the processes of learning and expanding oneself through study and observation. Serge Bramly explores Leonardo’s personal notes, shedding light and unravelling […]