Conceptual Art


Reach for the Sky!

Conceptual art is taking off in Melbourne in a big way, almost every reputable art gallery you step into has some form of conceptual art on exhibition.

But what is conceptual art?

Many struggle to appreciate this genre, wondering where it fits in the realm of what is perceived to be ‘Art’ and that’s where it gets interesting.

As an admirer of art, we often look for the skill involved, the time taken and the creativity of the piece or perhaps the beauty aspect, or accuracy of detail, its historical value or rarity.  Conceptual art may not hold any of these attributes we’ve come to expect, instead it can be rather simplistic or obscure, repetitive, messy or perceived as weird.

Conceptual art is about pushing the limits of what is considered to be art, pushing the mind beyond what is seemingly acceptable.

As a viewer of conceptual art, take your time, is it an installation or perhaps it’s a ready-made assisted sculpture or an item stuck to a wall?  Allow yourself to get lost in the piece, is there a title?  Walk around it if that’s possible, review from varying angles, is there an interactive element, if so, get involved.  Examine the materials used and what significance they may hold, what does the lighting say, is there an emotion via the colours used?  Ponder and discuss the art, what was the artist trying to say, is there a message behind the confusion or the simplicity?

What’s your thoughts on conceptual art?

Do you enjoy this form of art?

Do you find conceptual art challenging?

Do you like to unlock the key?

Looking at the conceptual piece above, what does it say to you?

I look forward to your comments

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