Green Schools – Lets Spread the Word

Wow, Green Schools what an amazing initiative, I find the video below absolutely inspiring!


It starts with one persons idea, whether in art or a community initiative like this, this is what the world needs more of, people prepared to make a change.

As a community this is how we can encourage sustainable living, consideration for our environment and humanities wellbeing as a whole.

Lets put our energy into constructive positive movements, which support our beliefs, we can all start a green movement whether in our own backyard, at our local school, community garden or bigger movements such as this.

Apparently similar schools and camps are coming to Melbourne and Perth.  I’m sure in the northern part of Australia these would be a great addition to the current system, getting the indigenous community involved, perhaps implementing an aboriginal flare to the design.  Teaching aboriginal culture, skills and history, mixed with our western schooling system, the perfect balance.


As a nation a project like this would bind our hearts, spirits and cultures and intertwine the best of both worlds.

Please watch the video link below, I’m sure you will feel just as inspired as I do.


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