Handmade Ceramic Sculptures

As an artist I have a particular passion for sculptures, it’s wonderful to shape and form a raw material into ones own creative vision.

Alexandra Engelfriet has been sculpting clay since 1991, it all started in Amsterdam, where Alex moulded raw clay onto the walls of a basement, this project took her a year.


clay basement


Alex creates wonderful raw clay sculptures in her barn style work studio in France, these organic sculptures are carefully moulded with her fingers.

I adore the rustic nature of each piece, where the contoured indentations are evident the final result is visually stunning, a truly elegant work of art.

The primitive process is simply beautiful, no special tools just skill and passion, you will no doubt for in love as I have.

let’s get our hands dirty and immerse ourselves in the pleasures of working with clay, exploring the sensuality and endless possibilities this medium has to offer.

Please refer to the video link below

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