Select a Theme for Your Art Exhibition

Selecting a theme for your art exhibition is really important.  This decision can be an overwhelming process.

As an artist, with many creative ideas, is it easy to get distracted from one idea to the next.  Jotting your ideas in a visual diary as they arise is a good place to start. Make small sketches and play around with your concept.  Then chose something that really resonates with you, and create a Theme around the idea chosen.  Expand your ideas further, ensuring it aligns with your theme.  It’s important to stay focused, once you’ve made your decision.

This is not to say that you have to paint / create the chosen theme over and over again for every exhibition your involved in.   Your next exhibition could be completely different, it may be one of your earlier ideas that you jotted down in your visual diary that you go back too or it could be a new inspiration altogether.  don’t feel you have to have one Theme or style for your life time, I find many artists do follow this but let’s face it true creativity varies considerably.

Planning for an exhibition should entail selecting a Theme, a medium, whether the exhibition will have serval mediums or focus on one.  How many pieces you plan to exhibit, what size will the pieces be, what materials are required and what are the costs involved.

Once the above has been determined it’s now time to create your vision.  It may take you several months or years to create your body of work.   Chose your best pieces to form your exhibition, of course this is subjective, as it is in the eye of the beholder as to which pieces are your best.  Don’t be afraid to get an opinion from a friend, mentor or another artist you respect.

Refer link below which offers some useful tips for preparing your work for an exhibition.



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