The Visual Artist


In my view, being a visual artist is about giving yourself the freedom to fully express your individualism.

Allowing each inspiration to develop, to lose yourself in the moment, creating a visually stimulating realism, called ART.

A rare diamond has many facets, eternal sparkling refractions, unique colours form mosaics and absolute precision.

Take the time; look with intensity, deep within lies the true beauty.

Though carbon imperfections remain, they are a testimony of the adversity endured.

By Angela Sparks

In Memory of My Dad

My Dad Dominic
My Dad Dominic

As a child, I recall wandering around our family home admiring my fathers oil paintings.  To me they were special, I could stare at them for endless amounts of time and get lost in the images.  Every wall was adorned with his art, even though he didn’t paint anymore they were a part of him and a past life he once had.   Now with 6 children to look after he and my mum worked tirelessly to provide for their family.

With great respect and gratitude, on behalf of the entire family, I thank you dearly for your sacrifices, the values you taught us as well as the attitude that you can do anything you put your mind too and that you did.  You were an amazing man, an inspiration to us all, I wish you were here to share this moment in my life and the happiness in fulfilling ones dreams.

Dads replica of another artists work that he admired
Dads replica of another artists work that he admired

Love always, your daughter