Choosing the right Canvas for your next Masterpiece!

You may think choosing a canvas is just as easy as going to the store and picking one that suits the size you require to create your next painting.  Unfortunately not all canvas materials are the same nor are the frames they may be stretch on.

Some canvas materials are loosely woven or stretched, or the frames the material is attached to, is of poor quality and may buckle over time.  These factors are to be considered when selecting your next canvas, by knowing what to look for in a good quality canvas and frame your art work will stand the test of time.

It may depend on what level of artist you are, i.e. just starting out, a student or a professional artist, if you’re the later you certainly want to provide your customer with a high quality product.

The two links below give a great insight as to what to look for in a canvas before you part with your hard earned money.


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