Freedom of Expression

Are you afraid to express yourself in your art?

Are you afraid of what the critics may say or what friends and family may think?  Don’t be, your art inspiration is very personal and your creativity is unique, it does not have to follow any trend or be influenced by what you see on social media.

True art is created by instinct, emotions and a deeper level of passion, not by someone dictating to you what is in or what you should be creating because its sure to sell.

Let go of any inhibitions, feel free to express yourself even if you don’t quite understand where your thoughts or creative ideas are stemming from, even if what you produce is bizarre even to you, be brave enough and daring enough to show your work and be proud of it.

Good Luck, create your art with true freedom of expression, with the true knowledge that it is your creation, it’s raw and it’s you.

One thought on “Freedom of Expression

  1. This is one of those things one must constantly remind themselves of–especially if your friends/family appear in your work! Following intuition is key, though sometimes difficult to put in practice, especially when most artists interact with the art of others–easy to be drawn into someone else’s vision. For more fun with art(of the literary variety) and interpretation, check out I think you’ll like it!

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