Augmented Reality (AR) – Digital Technology

 Augmented reality is enhancing how we interact with art, advances in technology allows images, objects and codes to be recognized in the real world. By using real world co-ordinates, QR codes, visual recognition and apps, the mobile device is able to interact with the artwork producing a virtual experience. This recognition allows artists to enable superimposed images and or videos to seamlessly interact with artwork creating a multidimensional experience.

At the Bega Valley Regional Gallery, a yearly augmented art exhibition called (Un) Seen Sculptures is held, with international and local artist participating, creating 3D images of sculptures and other art experiences that can only be visible via a mobile device.


Augmented reality of a Blue Sculpture

Around the world, augmented reality is being used in public spaces, zoos, museums, entertainment parks and city squares etc. A city square may contain an invisible art exhibition; pedestrians walking within this space may be passing through without knowledge. Children and adults alike seem to enjoy interacting with augmented videos; the visual effects can be quite amazing, making it a fun family activity and an optimum photo opportunity.

The National Geographic Channel, constructed an augmented reality experience in a shopping center and even at a train station, exposing augmented technology to a wider demographic in society. This type of technology seemingly allowed children to interact with a giant T-Rex in the augmented world, making the real world appear more adventurous and exciting. If an artist director were to incorporate artificial sounds, vibrations, wind and rain; these features would build a very realistic experience.



Augmented reality of Dinosaurs in a Train Station

Society is demanding to be entertained; no longer are viewers content with gazing at an oil painting on a gallery wall or admiring beautifully carved sculptures displayed on plinths. Artists are exploring how augmented reality can make their art exhibition visually more exciting and interactive. Interactive art may appeal to a wider spectrum of the community, the populaces in western society now own a mobile device of some sort, be it a mobile smart phone, tablet, laptop or smart glasses. Therefore, it seems like a natural progression to interact this technology with the old world of art and history bringing these into the 21st century.

Roark Studios has created their own App for augmented reality this gives their studio an advantage with artists such as Roark Gourley, Robert Celecia and Michelle Lance taking this new technology to communicate their narrative in a way that stretches ones imagination beyond its normal parameters of the 2D image.

These artists are breaking down the barriers, visual and expressive limitation that artists have had to comply with when working with still images such as photograph, graphics or canvas. Using augmented reality they are able to implement multiple layers of images to make a modestly dressed woman come alive and alluring by removing some of her clothing exposing sensual lingerie underneath. The artist may choose to add video media to a still photograph of a woman floating underwater,

with augmented reality, the viewer is now able to watch her swim with her costume disappearing. These types of interactive experiences, viewed through a mobile device deeply enhance the narrative of the art exhibition.  A Moment in Time, is a beautiful art exhibition that amplifies the viewers experience with stunning overlays via augmented reality.




If holding a device such as a smart phone or tablet may seem a little awkward or distracting to view augmented reality, smart glasses may be the solution. Smart glasses gives the viewer the freedom to walk around and have a fuller experience of augmented reality as the view is not restricted by the screen size but is part of your entire visual spectrum.

Smart glasses have come a long way, no longer a bulky black box over your eyes but instead stylish sunglass designs. A glimpse into the future and contact lens could be a real option, yes contact lens we are hitting the sci-fi era, so embrace it because it is here to stay. Stand aside terminator, as augmented technology is giving people new powers.

Augmented reality has other uses such as games, education, business, traveling information, marketing, fashion, etc.


AR contacts


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