Adhering Paper to Hardboard

Video on how to apply paper to a hardboard

As an artist I like to explore varying mediums and techniques.
Recently I have been painting on variable thicknesses and textures of artist paper.

Like many of you, I have experienced buckling and warping of the paper due to the acrylic or water paints, which is not a look I’m particularity after. There is a timely process of pressing out the buckles once a painting has been completed and dried. In addition, there is the cost of framing your artwork on paper, which can be rather costly.

I’ve discovered this most useful video of an alternative method that may be of interest to my fellow artists, which is to place the artist paper on a stable base, such as a hardboard.

This alleviates the issue of buckling and also provides a stable and cost effective alternative to framing.

I hope you find this video useful as did I.  Please refer to link.

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