Drying Acrylic Paint In The Studio

I’m sure you have all experienced issues with either acrylic paint drying to quickly or not quickly enough, dependant on the weather or temperature in your art studio.  At the moment in the southern hemisphere it’s rather cool, your studio, like mine may not be the ideal temperature but there’s a little trick you can use to assist drying your acrylic painting quicker.

After painting the specific area, take hold of a hair drier, adjust the settings to medium fan and warm air (not hot).  Now simply hold the drier 30 cm – 40 cm away from your painting, constantly moving the warm air over the area until touch dry.  Be sure not to hold the drier in one spot for too long or be tempted to have the heat setting too high.

I hope you find this tip useful, feel free to share your ideas as well.


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