Upcoming Exhibition – A sneak peek of my work in progress

I’m currently working on my next body of art work, using recycled Mitzi, 1957, vinyl chair seats and back rests.  Using vibrant colours, highlighting the happy faces people suffering from mental health portray to hide their deepest emotions where pain and sorrow live on a daily basis.

Painting on vinyl can be challenging, there’s plenty of preparation of the vinyl surface prior too commencing my art work.  I’m using a wonderful acrylic paint from ‘Tautflex’ for the purpose of painting on vinyl, leather and fabrics.

Here’s a sneak peek of my work in progress



My Current Exhibition ‘Darkness Falls’ is on now, I hope you can join me, exhibition running until the end of July and possibly early August.  Please check my Web or Facebook page for this weeks business hours.

Split: $150 AUD
Split: $150 AUD

Angela Sparks Gallery:

Unit 3, 50 Hudsons Rd, Spotswood, Victoria, Australia

Across the road from the Spotswood train station, next door to local pub and around the corner from Science Works.

MOB: 0148514786



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