Intriguing Read

Leonardo The Artist and The Man written by Serge Bramly, an extraordinary piece of writing, informative and extensive.   A great read for those interested in the detailed life of Leonardo Da Vinci and the processes of learning and expanding oneself through study and observation. Serge Bramly explores Leonardo’s personal notes, shedding light and unravelling […]

Henrique Oliveira’s Recycled Wooden Sculptures

These amazing recycled wooden installation sculptures, are the genius of artist Henrique Oliveira.  Created and assembled from plywood barriers which have outlived their purpose on construction-building sites. Henrique takes deteriorated plywood boards, which have lost their structural integrity and strips them down into thin layers.  These thin layers of plywood, are painted with a watered […]

The Visual Artist


In my view, being a visual artist is about giving yourself the freedom to fully express your individualism.

Allowing each inspiration to develop, to lose yourself in the moment, creating a visually stimulating realism, called ART.

A rare diamond has many facets, eternal sparkling refractions, unique colours form mosaics and absolute precision.

Take the time; look with intensity, deep within lies the true beauty.

Though carbon imperfections remain, they are a testimony of the adversity endured.

By Angela Sparks